The European Lifestyle

to living more and weighing less

Start losing weight today and design a delicious lifestyle to support the healthiest version of you.

I work with smart women, like you, who have accomplished, read, and done a lot but who still find themselves struggling with extra weight and not feeling good enough. Sound or feel familiar?

You long to live

a pleasurable lifestyle...

Yet you find yourself constantly thinking about what to eat and the number on the scale. You’re exhausted by constantly obsessing about every morsel on your fork!

Together, we’ll curate a life of quality and self-care for your body, mind, and spirit inspired by my European (Polish) background and joie de vivre I’ve learned from Parisienne women. 

You’ll learn about true self-care that allows you to thrive at your naturally healthy weight without forgoing the pleasures that life has to offer. 

The lifestyle you’ll design will finally give you that freedom in your body and around food you’ve been craving but didn’t know if it was possible.

You’ll blow your own mind  because you’ll finally feel good, strong, and confident in how you think, feel, and look.


From the outside...​

your life looks great.​

But on the inside, you feel like a fraud.

Deep down, you don’t feel good about yourself.

or your body (if we're being honest).

Your clothes are a daily reminder that it’s time to do something, but what?

Waking up every morning hating your body and fighting food is not how you are supposed to live.

It’s no wonder that when you look into the mirror you are lacking joy and confidence in getting this part of your life under control because when something is off for us women, we feel off balanced. 

So despite being successful in a lot of areas, everyday your body causes you so much pain and discomfort. You desperately want to fix it!

Imagine waking up each morning

truly excited to get your day started. ​

You feel light and energized throughout the day and even go to bed with a smile on your face. You enjoy incredible meals all while making nourishing choices that feel good.

You’re feeling connected to your body and have even started making a regular habit of exercise—and it feels wonderful! You’re finally taking care of the “whole” you and are feeling better and better like a perfect pair of quality sexy jeans.

You’re comfortable and feel great in your clothes. Getting dressed now is about dressing up your body and focusing on accentuating the parts you love most.

Your relationships are feeling easier, you’re laughing more, and life definitely feels more fun. You’re keeping perfectly busy each day and you’re noticing all the little things that you were missing before.

Not just at home...

but out in public, too

Food tastes richer, and when you head out to a restaurant to eat with your family and friends now, you can’t help but notice that you’re turning heads. Your friends tell you that there’s something different about you and they can’t quite put their finger on it.

You’re that woman who saunters into the room with an air of lightness, confidence, and a welcoming smile. Before you know it, you’re deep in an engaging conversation.

You’re tuned into what the person in front of you is saying. The only person who needs to approve of you is you. Your life is one where you’re truly Living More and Weighing Less.

More confidence, more poise, more ability to handle the stresses of life.

you’re living each day

on purpose and with no apologies.

Life feels so good.

You believe in yourself.

You have peace and freedom in your body.

You have released your extra weight.

The time spent on it is now focused on living more.

You can hardly believe​​

that this is your life.​​

And the best part is, you feel like this Every. Single. Day.

Have you ever noticed the way Europeans move throughout life?​

They’ve embraced the sweetness of all of life’s little moments. And they approach food, relationships, work, and life with a lightness that’s missing from most of our lives.

That’s why I created The European Lifestyle to Living More and Weighing Less, so that you can go from your constant fear and anxiety around eating and obsession with the number on the scale to the freedom of being done with diets forever, actually enjoying food and getting to your naturally slim weight.

Go from constant fear and anxiety around eating and obsession with the number on the scale... the freedom of being done with diets forever, actually enjoying food and getting to your naturally slim weight.

The European Lifestyle

to living more and weighing less

is a non-diet approach to losing weight permanently—physically, mentally, or emotionally—really, in all areas of your life. ​

This 6-month program includes:

  • 12 personalized one-on-one 60-minute coaching calls 
  • The secrets that European women have used for years to help manage:
    • Hunger, 
    • Stress eating, 
    • Cravings
    • Holidays, parties and vacations 
  • The tools to reset your metabolism and balance your hormones
  • Step-by-step strategies that you’ll use to heal your relationship with food and body.
  • The coaching to give your mind the makeover in how to approach your relationship with food, weight, and exercise.
  • A new sustainable lifestyle that’s personally curated for you so that your weight loss lasts forever and teaches you how to enjoy your life’s day to day

At the end of the day you’ll finally experience FREEDOM!  Freedom from the scale and obsessing about what you’re eating and how you look. Your skinny jeans are loose and you find yourself sashaying around feeling confident and beautiful. 

You’ll discover how to:

There is no greater gift to the world​

than a strong, confident woman who takes care of herself.​

Set an outstanding example of what is possible and inspires your daughter, sisters, best friends, mother and other women around you. ​

Have a body you love

and will love you back

Learn how to take care of each other and develop a friendly relationship with the scale:

  • Shed extra weight you’ve been struggling with for years, all while enjoying food

  • Have a stronger mind that will remind you of just how capable you are to handle whatever comes your way

  • Learn to use and plan your time with purpose, so you’ll accomplish more with less effort

  • Discover the art of the French women to slow down so that you’ll enjoy more of your life

The European Lifestyle

to living more and weighing less

is different from any other diet approach you've tried. Why?

Because you'll learn the secrets of naturally lean European women and they approach their day-to-day lives.

I know this works.

because i've been where you are, too.

Like so many other women whenever I experienced stress or anxiety, I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with it, and I turned to food to cope.

I found myself struggling with losing all the weight I had carried around off and on for years.

As a European woman myself (I’m originally from Poland) I went back to my European roots and love of all things French. I noticed how French women paid great attention to the way they cared for themselves.

They enjoyed taking the time to prepare and eat delicious food, took good care of their skin, and dressed in ways that really fit their unique sense of style and body type. When I went back to these principles myself my life changed forever. This can happen for you too. 

The European Lifestyle

to living more and weighing less

gives you everything you need to:


experience true freedom.

Feel energized, light, and thrive as the sexiest, lightest version of YOU.​

The European Lifestyle

to living more and weighing less

Experience the life-changing magic of your outside completely aligning with your inside.

Are you committed to finally ending the war within and establish a peaceful relationship with food, eating, and your body?


$1995 or 6 payments of $335​

Let's savor the delicious life.

If you have any questions at all, email me at I’m happy to help.