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How do you usually react when you feel an unpleasant emotion? Whether it’s sorrow, pain, guilt, frustration, or a multitude of others that we humans experience, how you choose to react makes a difference. A key part of our full human experience is the light and the dark, the positive and the negative; without sadness, you would never know or recognize happiness.

Plenty of you might be trying to hold onto the happiness or pleasure in your lives while pushing away and resisting the negative. Our emotions are always changing, and we experience a wide and varied range of them every single day. So today, I’m helping you navigate all the emotions that you experience on a daily basis in a way that serves you, so you can gain a deeper understanding of them.

What You’ll Learn from this video:

  • Why the contrast of our human emotions is necessary.
  • How most of us react to unpleasant emotions.
  • Why resisting your negative emotions does not make them go away, it’s a short term fix and creates a long term problem
  • Why nothing has gone wrong when you feel discomfort but we have bought into the lie that we need to feel happy and comfortable always


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