Diet Words

Hi, today I’m talking about how important the words we use truly are especially when it comes to our weight-loss efforts.

Our words create our feelings and based on how we are feeling, that leads to the actions we take or not take.

What you’ll get today is something that health books, diets, and medical journals don’t cover when it comes to understanding

just how important our thinking truly is in being the key in actually motivating us or not to release the extra weight.  This was

the missing piece for me for so long.

So voila! Here’s what you’ll get in this video:

  • How our language about food affects the story we tell about it.
  • Why our feelings are so important when we’re trying to lose weight.
  • Why our brains are so enticed by the idea of quick and easy weight loss.
  • What deprivation and restriction do to our brains and our willpower.
  • Why the phrase “I can’t” is working against you.
  • Words you can try to use around food and weight loss.


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