Is STRESS running your Life? Then you need to read this.

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Hey there,

If you’re like I used to be and the many women I work with then “stress” is a normal part of your life. In fact, you probably don’t know any other way, as there’s so much to do, be, and it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, to manage it all.

Okay, let’s gauge your stress to see which ones sound like you:

  • You wake up and your mind starts running with all the to do’s
  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed a lot
  • There are so many demands pulling on you
  • You feel exhausted and zapped of your energy from all your tasks
  • You find yourself feeling as if you’ve got nothing left to give

You are not alone! Your list is 100% legit and you are “too legit to quit” and give up on it as you get things done and make things happen. This is normal and it’s not going away.

But what if I told you that you could make it happen where you’re left energized instead of zapped of your powerful creative brain juices. Your mind working for you and not feeling so overwhelmed and stressed.

Say WHAT? Is that even possible?! “Have you seen all the things I have to do and the demands that are put on me?” is what you’re probably thinking.

I’m going to blow your mind right now because I want you to have the very best life where you can actually enjoy it. This is why I want us to look at stress and understand where it comes from and what YOU can do to get control back so that you are no longer ran by it but you’re running the show.

How do I know? I was YOU. I am YOU at times still (I’m not perfect). But through my studies and application, I was able to figure out how to harness my superhero mind powers to actually energize me and get stuff done without all the head drama from stress and anxiety and you can too.

So here was me….

I remember waking up in the morning and from the time that my eyes would pop open the to-dos would start flooding my mind. It felt like I was on speed as my mind would race from all the things that would occupy it.

Was that productive? At the time I believed I had no control over it. It was all the things that I had to do that was causing me stress and they needed to be done. I was a busy woman and that was that. But wait, not so fast?

We’ve established already that our to do’s are 100% legit. You and I have tasks, responsibilities, and goals that we want to accomplish in the many roles that we have and hats that we wear. That’s called living your life. In fact, I can tell you I have more things now then I did back then, yet feel less stressed and overwhelmed and I would describe myself as a peaceful person going with the flow.

This isn’t some cheerleader rah-rah stuff. What I’m about to share with you is how to put yourself back in control of your life, so that you can harness your mind to think on purpose so the way you’ll live your life with all your to do’s while feeling energized and actually enjoying the ride. 

Okay, here is the low down on your mind, tasks, and the stress you carry.

Your to-do tasks:

1. They are a choice ( you may think they’re not but they are)

2. They are neutral and you get to think what you want about them

3. How often you choose to think about your to-dos will either energize you or deplete you and stress you out.


You choose to do or not to do the tasks that you have. You may “believe” you have no option but when you signed up to take on the job or role there are things that you chose with it. Even the things you think “you have to do” if someone held a gun to your head and told you to stop would you? Probably YES, and that’s because at the root everything you do is a choice. Besides, doesn’t that sound/feel so much better regardless? You have the power to do what you are choosing to do or not to do it?


TASKS are Neutral:

 Once you choose the tasks that you want to do and accomplish. Your mind, since it’s been running the show, whether consciously or unconsciously, has assigned an opinion thought to the task and if your mind is anything like mine used to be, it runs it on repeat until the task is done.

The problem with this is that if you have 15 tasks that need to get done your mind is constantly thinking about all the to dos while trying to focus and do the task on hand. This is what causes you to feel overwhelmed and zaps you of your energy.

Your mind can assign a negative opinion thought to a given task as well as constantly running your to-do list over and over as you’re trying to actually do what you are capable of which is one thing in each moment.


I’m about to drop a truth bomb on you and there’s good news that comes with it:

You get to choose on how often you want to run your tasks through your mind.

You can get the control back by choosing to redirect your focus to the task at hand till it becomes second nature. Read on for my tips and tricks on how to be assured why you don’t have to keep running your to do’s through your mind.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Your “FEEL BETTER” boosters to get you to tackle your day with a lot more peace and energy.

  1. First thing in the morning as you wake up, unload all of your to do’s on a piece of paper. Don’t leave anything out.
  2. When you start thinking about the to do’s you’ve already written down, remind yourself “it’s written down already on the list.” This will be a huge energy saver! I promise!
  3. Introduce a time of quiet through prayer in meditation after you write your list for just 5 minutes to start with. Think small baby steps that will get you into a routine that allows you to be still before the rest of your day.
  4. That’s important because allowing yourself to keep replaying the same “to do” list thoughts, not only wastes your brain power, but it actually causes you to become more exhausted and remind yourself you already know about that particular item, and if it’s a new one, then once again write it down.
  5. Then prioritize your to-do list and follow through on a task from start to finish before moving on to the next one.
  6. While doing the particular task, concentrate only on that given task at hand. Nothing else, just the task.
Here’s to you getting things done, feeling energized and wildly proud of yourself! 


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xo, kasia

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