Quality versus Quantity! Why choosing decadence leaves you feeling satisfied with less and living more.

Hello, my friend!

Does any of this sound familiar to you? You have a craving for a dessert, but you know that you “shouldn’t have it or want it.” Instead, you settle for the box of low-fat cookies that might also have “extra” protein or made with “whole” grain, so it sounds super healthy. What doesn’t feel good though, is you eat the whole box. After all, they were low fat/calorie. But you’re left feeling unsatisfied even though you got to “eat more” simply because it’s lower calorie than the piece of cake you wanted all along.

What about when you go shopping. Just because it’s on the sales rack, you buy 3-4 items of a very similar looking top. Maybe they are in different colors. You care more about the fact that it’s on sale and that you can buy more for the price that you would pay for one shirt at a nicer department store. But the problem is when you are honest with yourself, you don’t end up wearing all the shirts or even liking them as much when you bring them home. But for the sake of the deal of quantity purchased with the money, you feel like you’ve won. Except that you won’t be satisfied with your clothes, and it’s easier to get rid of them or justify wanting to buy more when the mood strikes you.

I want you to consider and start paying attention to whether you’ve been in the quantity camp for way too long and it’s time to start giving yourself quality all across the board. Say what? Let me explain.

When you choose the delicious slice of cake and plan on having it, so it’s not haphazardly but with the purpose to take the time to enjoy eating it and it’s delicious that’s when the magic starts taking place. You get to be in control of making a choice or not and no longer grabbing the first thing around you that serves as a substitute for the real thing. You’ll find that less of the real thing will be gratifying and taste so much better.

The same goes for quality in your clothes. When you focus on quality and how you feel in something you put on, one shirt will be satisfying and worth investing in versus buying 6 low-quality items that you only may “like” but not love just because it was on sale.

I find how we show up in one area of our lives; often times translates to how we show up for our lives across the board. When you incorporate quality into your life, you’ll find that less will satisfy you so much more. With less, you’ll feel lighter in the long run from your body to your life.


Here’s to indulging in quality!

Let them eat cake! And feel lighter!


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