We all just want to feel better and here’s how


Hello beautiful!

Today I want to start by talking about something we all think about but might be hard to discuss.  To learn how to Live More so you can Weigh Less, we need to first talk openly about our desire to feel better.

Feeling better pertains to many things in our lives, not just ourselves and our bodies but our relationships, careers, kids — you name it. And who wouldn’t want to feel better in those areas?

So what do you do? What any smart women does, right? You roll up your sleeves, you exert great effort, working to change what you need to change so you can feel better.

Because after all, if:

  • your husband would just say the right thing to you

  • your boss would appreciate you more

  • your body was just thinner

  • people would realize how wonderful you are

    …..then you would feel so much better!

That belief is very normal. It’s what we’re taught, in our families, from our friends, from our culture, in movies, everywhere. We’re taught that the way things are is what makes us feel happy or not. I call this “the outside approach”.

What’s faulty with this belief, is that it relies on what you “need” other people to be, say, and do…so it’s no wonder you tire yourself out trying to control and change (i.e.,manipulate) your outside world to feel better.

Let me teach you a new way so you no longer need to depend on other people or things for you to feel better!

Imagine this:

  • Your mind is able to create the feelings you want
  • You feel more peaceful and graceful
  • Your actions come from a place of clarity and connection to yourself
  • You’re excited about contributing so the world can receive your gifts
  • You’re no longer placing your emotional well-being in the power of other people and things
  • You no longer need compliments to validate you, but instead, receive them as the cherry on top
  • You’re not waiting until your body looks a certain way before you feel good and truly enjoy your life!


Let’s break it down, so you can acheive the above!


ALL of our emotions are created in our minds and caused by our thinking.

Say what?
That’s right. You heard it here! We’ve bought into the idea that we have to chase something external, outside of us, to change how we feel.

What I want you to understand more than anything, is that the only reason why we ever want anything is because of how we believe it will make us feel when we get it.

So you can create the feelings for yourself with your thinking that way you won’t need the world to change to be okay, but instead your thinking can change so you’ll be okay.

Lot less exhausting, don’t you think?

So notice when you feel bad and check in with your thoughts. What are you thinking that’s causing you to not feel good? Start there. That’s your starting place to get your thinking to a neutral place and practice from there till you get that neutral feeling.

Then you’ll be ready to move to practicing the next thought that will get you to feel even better and more positive if you so chose.

My beauty, this is how you get to live more! Use that superpower inside of you to create the feelings you want to experience, so you are no longer in “need” but showing up whole, ready to contribute. This is the inside out approach! It will allow you to be responsible and create all the things you want to feel.




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xo, kasia