Your fall eating basics to maintain your weight through the holidays.

I love this time of the year as the fall air is so crisp, and you find yourself enjoying the outside again.

It’s also that holiday season from October till the end of December that can easily add extra pesky pounds to our bodies that become part of our January resolution.

But this year, I am here, and things can be different for you.


I’m sharing my fall eating basics that can help keep your extra holiday pounds away but not the pleasure.

Keep reading, as you will get my very first Eating Basic .01 to design a pleasurable enjoyable lifestyle around your food and weight.

I’m not stopping there; get ready because, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be offering a month of my weight-loss program that will give you all the coaching and support to help you maintain your weight through the holidays.

I’ll teach and coach you to rewire how you think, act, and desire food. The European women have been doing this for hundreds of years and that is how naturally thin people approach their food.

So no more losing and regaining the same pounds over and over, or white-knuckling your current weight, but finally you’ll have freedom and enjoyment when it comes to your eating, weight, and body.

Let’s get you started with your very first simple fall eating basic. It’s a must-have staple you’ll want to have as you enjoy your food one delicious tasty bite at a time.

Simple Eating Basic .01

Chew each bite of food thoroughly and slowly.

Here’s your why:

  1. Your stomach doesn’t have tastebuds, so what’s the rush?
  2. Your tastebuds are in your mouth, and most of them are not on the center of your tongue.
  3. Not chewing your food correctly but swallowing half-chewed bites, leaves your taste buds not fully tasting your food. It will take twice as much food eaten to cover your taste buds as they are on the outer edges of your tongue and located by your cheeks
  4. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that it had enough and that its taste centers have been satisfied.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

When we swallow our food, it takes so many extra bites to coat our taste buds to get the full flavor.

This has you eating a lot more in the same time frame so you can get the flavor you’ve missed.

Now, imagine your future self maybe 5 minutes or an hour or three from now, enjoying your delicious meal and taking in one tasty bite at a time.

You are no longer swallowing your food at Olympic sprinter speed, instead, taking your time with each bite and slowly chewing, coating your taste buds: one mindful and intentional delicious bite at a time.

Here’s what you’ll get as you apply this:

  1. Lots more pleasure and enjoyment with your food.
  2. You’ll end up eating a lot less and still be satisfied.
  3. You’ll feel energized from your meals and not stuffed.

Here’s an equation I want you to remember:

Delicious food chewed properly + more time enjoyed in the mouth= more pleasure/less food eaten.

Practice this.

It will feel odd at first if you have been sprinting and swallowing your food.

This single simple change can move you and your body into a completely different direction where you can weigh less while enjoying yourself more.

Here’s my story:

I was 19 years old sitting in a Paris Café, enjoying or more like stuffing my face with my second crepe.

Next to me were two beautifully dressed women that were enjoying their lunch.

They were engaged in their conversation.

I noticed right away that they took their time with each bite of food, putting their forks down, sipping on water and slowly reengaging with the next bite.

I, on the other hand, could not wait to inhale my second crepe in the same time span as if I would never get a chance to eat again.

It would take me a long time to practice the art of slowing down and chewing my food like I first observed, still believing that I could eat at lightning speed and only focus on eating “healthy” at one extreme to eating all my forbidden “foods” on the other extreme.

But without addressing how and why we eat in the first place, our extra weight will always be a struggle for us all and eating will always swing from “gotta get myself together and my will power” to “no one is going to tell me what to do and can’t I just have some fun in my life?”

This is the pendulum that so many of us swing between from a restrictive dieting mentality that creates scarcity to all-out abandonment of proper self-care with overeating everything we’ve banned ourselves from.

This is all normal when our minds run the show from the only ways they have known how until now.

But now I want you to start enlisting the third way, a self-caring mindful approach that takes her eating, enjoyment, and body into consideration.

This is how the European women have been eating for hundreds of years and how naturally thin women do as well right here in the States.

Instead of wanting and wishful thinking about being at your natural thin weight, I want you to commit to starting with your simple .01 eating basic.

Do you even really like the food you thought you loved once you are able to slow down and taste it truly?

Do four bites satisfy you whereas when you sped through before you inhaled the whole thing?

Here’s to you enjoying your life and body one delicious bite at a time!


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