Boo! Here’s why you don’t have to be scared of those extra Holiday pounds.

Boo! I know those extra holiday pesky pounds can be scary.

Fear not! I am here with my simple eating basics to help you maintain your weight through the next few months until you are ready to lose them for good.

Which brings me to you; does this sound familiar?

“I know what to do; I’m just not doing it. I have to get myself and will power together to get it done.”

You are in the right company because the women that I work with are smart, know a lot, and I hear the above statement often.

So, it’s no wonder when I talk about Simple Eating Basics, it feels, well so basic and not advanced enough for you go-getters out there.

But if you are tired of losing the same pounds over and over again, stressed around eating and your body, then I need you to trust me and read on. We’ll have you maintaining until you are ready to lose for good.

What I’m teaching you are the fundamentals of how European women stay slim while enjoying food and how you, too, can do the same right here.

This week’s Simple Eating Basic .02

Stop eating when you are energized to move to the next task that follows your eating. 

That is how you’ll be able to gauge what is enough food for your body and determine how much food it takes to energize and satisfy you for the next task you’ll move to.

“I can’t believe so little food fills me up.” – client

“I used to let my plate guide me in how much I would eat; now I’m leaving food on my plate because I’m no longer hungry.” –client.

To support you in being able to stop eating, here’s a powerful thought and belief that I teach women:

“I can have this for the rest of my life. It will not go away, and I’ll get to enjoy this again.”

This single statement allows me to have 3-4 bites of cheesecake when I choose to enjoy dessert and walk away satisfied.

Here’s your why behind stopping overeating at pleasantly full:

  • It’s the first 3-4 bites that have the greatest taste sensory satisfaction when you chew your food thoroughly.
  • You get to enjoy delicious meals and stop when you are no longer hungry while feeling energized.
  • It’s the extra bites that you eat past full, that keep you storing food on your body because it didn’t need it.

“But Kasia, I hate wasting food!” -client

“It feels so wrong to waste food.” -client

“I was taught to finish my plate to get dessert.” -client

You will waste food one way or another. It will either be stored on your body because it doesn’t need it or stored in your fridge or the trash.

When you allow your plate size or the hand that served your food, determine how much you are going to eat, you are tuning out of listening to your body, and overriding your physical needs.

It’s like pouring gas into your car after your tank is on full. That extra gas will not be used by your car and will spill out. It wouldn’t make sense to keep pouring more fuel in as it can’t be used.

Here are ways to rebuild trust with yourself in being able to stop when you are satisfied:

  • The extra food put it in a to-go box or in a container to store in the fridge for later (it’s your visual reminder that it’s not going away.)
  • When I think I’ll have this for the rest of my life, I also picture that I’ll have ten whole cheesecakes before I die, and that also gives me a mental assurance of just how much food there will be and that I’m not depriving myself.
  • You are creating abundance with your thoughts around being able to eat for the rest of your life as opposed to fear/scarcity that there won’t be enough.

Here’s to you, my friend,  practicing stopping eating when you are no longer hungry and are energized to move to the next task!


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