Why diets don’t work and what does?

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Hi Beautiful,

If you’re anything like I used to be, then you’ve tried a diet or two, or a hundred to lose the same 10, 30, or 50 extra pounds. Losing the weight is only half the battle, as keeping it off seems to be nearly impossible and those pesky pounds always seem to find their way back (uhh…so frustrating!).

And so the merry-go-round of dieting continues, and all you want is to get this part of your life under control. This is so normal! You’re in good company and can probably relate to a lot of the smart women that I’ve worked with as on average they come to me having tried at least eight diets. So high five to you and read on because that’s what life is about, trying different things to solve for our problems until we figure it out.

Let’s get back to why diets haven’t worked and why you’re scared out of your mind how you’ll keep the weight away once you lose it.

Real truth:

  1. They are for a certain period, and then you tell yourself once you lose the weight you can go back to eating like before.
  2. They have a lot of restrictions and rules that have you feeling like you are walking on a tightrope that sets you up for a fall.
  3. You break a diet rule, and all hell breaks loose. You eat everything that you restricted.
  4. You feel like a failure, and your inner mean girl starts pointing her judgy finger when you fail, and then that only makes you want to eat more and rebel.
  5. And the biggest reason that diets don’t work is they don’t address the root cause of your weight issue.

Please read carefully and take in the following.

The root cause of all our extra weight is:

  1. We overeat past what our body calls for, so the extra food that our body doesn’t need gets stored on our bodies.
  2. We over desire food.

So to overcome our weight struggle we need to solve for why we overeat and over desire food in the first place. Diets can teach us what food sources are good quality, but without addressing the reasons we want to keep eating till we are stuffed or desire/need chocolate cake to be okay in the world, we will always continue to battle with our weight. We need to learn what to do to solve for our over hunger and over desire, something that diets never really teaches us.

How do I know? You see my problem was that I always enjoyed good quality food that often diets talk about as “good for you” but yet I was still overweight. The reason is that I was constantly overeating and over desiring food and not addressing the reasons why I was doing that. So even when I would cut down my portions, without going under the hood to really address my overeating, I would always go back to being overweight. I could easily sit with ” good for you ” peanut butter in front of the tv and eat a lot of servings, till I was very uncomfortable.

Once I figured out and started using tools to that helped me with understanding how to get back to what I call normal eating and solve for why I wanted to overeat and what to do about it, it was a game changer. So here I am, writing this at my natural slim weight, no longer needing to go on a diet but curating a lifestyle of taking care of myself from within. It’s giving myself what I need in the different moments.

My wish for you is to take all the things that you’ve learned from the different diets that are good for you and keep them in your treasure chest of self-care. But now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper within and ask yourself WHY? Why do I overeat and why do I over desire?


Next week I’ll write more about what my reasons were for overeating and over desiring. I would love to hear from you with what you come up with and to offer you more support if you want it. Check out my Free Guide to Jumpstart your Weight-Loss here as it’s the 3-key ingredients that have helped me return to my natural slim weight.


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